Forty-one MMI Preparatory School students were inducted into the Andrew J. Stofan Chapter of the National Honor Society during MMI’s Honor Societies induction ceremony at the school.

MMI English instructor and National Honor Society advisor Donna Titus presided over the induction ceremony. National Honor Society officers are: Alexander Sessock, president; Keefer Hoover, vice president; Elise Hreha, secretary; Zachary Young, treasurer, and David Antolick, Historian.

The inductees are: Morgan                Allen, daughter of Brian Allen, Freeland, and Allyne Allen, Freeland; Irene Altmiller, daughter of Dr. Mary-Lynn McBride and Charles Altmiller, Drums; Julie Amentler, daughter of Dr. John Amentler and Kristine Amentler, Hazle Township; Kimberly Amentler, daughter of Dr. John Amentler and Kristine Amentler, Hazle Township; Emily Ankiewicz, daughter of Carl and Gwendolyn Ankiewicz, Mountaintop; Thomas Ansilio, son of Thomas and Roselle Ansilio, Pocono Lake; Christian Badamo, son of Anthony and Jessica Badamo, Sugarloaf; Hunter Blasko, son of Mark and Susan Blasko, White Haven; Lindsay Braunstein, daughter of Dr. Larry  and  Kimberly Braunstein, Mountaintop; Alexis Dalesandro, daughter of Dustan Dalesandro and Kimberly Mumaw, Drums; Marcus Danchision, son of Daniel and Wendy Danchision, Ringtown; Louis  DeAngelo, son of Aaron and Grete Floryshak, Sugarloaf, and Louis DeAngelo, Hazle Township; Ian Dewar, son of Alec and Syra Dewar, Drums; Hannah Falatko, daughter of Robert Falatko, Freeland, and Christine Falatko, Freeland; McKenna Gallagher, daughter of Shawn and Jennifer Gallagher, Drums; Natalie Graham, daughter of Ryan and Heidi Graham, Tamaqua; Aaron Haber, son of Dr. John and Cathryn Haber, Tresckow; Morgan Hosier, daughter of Barry and Marcianna Hosier, West Pittston; James Kelly, son of James and Chris Kelly, Mountaintop; Dominique Kline, daughter of Dr. John and Dr. June Kline, Mountaintop; Sydney Kohl, daughter of Peter and Jina Kohl, Mountaintop; Gregory Leonard, son of Gregory and Karen Leonard, Hazle Township; Katherine Lewandowski, daughter of James and Nancy Lewandowski, Mountaintop; Ryan McNelis, son of Atty. Edward and Florence McNelis, Conyngham;  Kevin McNulty, son of Timothy and Kimberly McNulty, Forty Fort; Hiba Muhammad, daughter of Ikram and Alia Muhammad, Mountaintop; Violet O’Connell, daughter of Michael and Genevieve O’Connell, Coaldale; Robert Rinaldi, son of Robert and Catherine Rinaldi, Sugarloaf; Cole Rinehimer, son of Albert and Patricia Rinehimer, Pocono Pines; Emily Ryan, daughter of Sam and Susan Ryan, White  Haven; Jacqueline Snyder, daughter of  Dr. Christopher and Dr.  Jill Snyder, Sugarloaf; Hugh Soltau, son of Sharon Perkins, Freeland; Samantha Sparich, daughter of Joseph and Michele Sparich, Weatherly; Ethan Stine, son of Jeffrey and Tracy Stine, Mountaintop; Millie Symbula, daughter of Frank and Jill Symbula, Drums; Ella Urosevich, daughter of Dr. Thomas and Lori Urosevich, Mountaintop; Peter Walko, son of Lawrence Walko and Debbie Brenner-Walko, Drums; Christopher Yanuzzi, son of John Yanuzzi and Lori Dotter-Yanuzzi, Hazleton; Alexandra Young, daughter of Christian and Nicole Young, Freeland; Darren Zheng, son of De and Hongzhi Zheng, Jim Thorpe; and Alexis Zola, daughter of Jason and Sarah Zola, Conyngham.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. NHS honors those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1921.

Membership in the National Honor Society recognizes students for their accomplishments and challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.


CAPTION: MMI Preparatory School inducted 40 students into the Andrew J. Stofan Chapter of the National Honor Society. Pictured are, first row, from left: Natalie Graham, Morgan Allen, Samantha Sparich, Katherine Lewandowski, Alexis Dalesandro, Irene Altmiller, Jacqueline Snyder, Emily Ankiewicz, Lindsey Braunstein, and Hannah Falatko. Second Row: Ella Urosevich, Kimberly Amentler, Julie Amentler, Alexis Zola, Morgan Hosier, Hiba Muhammad, McKenna Gallagher, Sydney Kohl, Dominique Kline, Violet O’Connell, Alexandra Young, Emily Ryan, and Millie Symbula. Third Row: Donna Titus (Advisor), Peter Walko, Gregory Leonard, Louis DeAngelo, Darren Zheng, Hunter Blasko, Thomas Ansilio, James Kelly, Christian Badamo. Fourth row: Aaron Haber, Ryan McNelis, Cole Rinehimer, Marcus Danchison, Kevin McNulty, Robert Rinaldi, Ian Dewar, Hugh Soltau, Kathryn Green, (Advisor), and Justin Vincent (Dean of Academics). Absent from photo: Ethan Stine and Christopher Yanuzzi.