Fifty-nine MMI Preparatory School students earned certificate awards in the top 10 of their respective events at the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Regional Leadership Conference and 38 students will advance to the FBLA State Leadership Conference in Hershey in April.

MMI students who advanced to the state competition, and their regional results, are as follows: Paige Machulsky (first place in Advertising); Rachael Betz (first place in Intro to Information Technology); Gianna Moisey-Hoover (first place in Intro. to FBLA); Jacqueline Snyder (first place in Client Service); Katherine Lewandowski and Hiba Muhammad (team event) (first place in Business Ethics); Emily Ankiewicz and Adam Tron (team event) (first place in Global Business); Lindsay Horvat and Kennedy Tavaris (team event) (first place in Intro to Business Presentation); Alexis Dalesandro (second place in Healthcare Administration); Thomas Ansilio (second place in Insurance & Risk Management); Annabel Dobash (second place in Intro to Business); Manal Muhammad (second place in Intro to FBLA Procedures); Morgan Allen and Samantha Sparich (team event) (second place in Emerging Business Issues); Benjamin Putnam, Maya Rizkala, and Josue Rodriquez (team event) (second place in Entrepreneurship); Kai Mele (third place in Advertising); Sandra Abdulrahman (third place in Intro to Business Communication); Olivia Bartholomew (third place in Intro to Business Procedures); Marcus Danchision, Noah Long, and Ethan Stine (team event) (third place in Sports and Entertainment Management); Morgan Strecker (fourth place in Intro to Business Communication); Alexander Jordan, Kevin McNulty, and Christian Yamulla (team event) (fourth place in Marketing); and Harrison Kress, Katharine Pinto, and Andrellie Puntiel (team event) (fourth place in Management Decision Making); Colin Williams (fifth place in Political Science); Brenna Eckhart (fifth place in Intro to FBLA Procedures); James Kelly, Robert Rinaldi(fifth place in Banking & Financial Decision); Connor Spencer (fifth place in Banking & Financial Systems); and Darren Zheng (Top 10 in Computer and Programming).

Additional MMI top 10 finishers are: Jillian McGeehin (third place in Intro to Public Speaking); Violet O’Connell (fourth place in Sales Presentation); Dominique Kline, Sydney Kohl, and McKenna Gallagher (fourth place in Publication Design); Carter Frask, Hugh Soltau, and Marcus Kassick (sixth place in Banking & Financial Systems); Zander Spear (sixth place in Economics); John Schwear (sixth place in Intro to FBLA); Irene Altmiller (seventh place in Advertising); Jessica Zheng (seventh place in Intro to Financial Math); Christian Badamo (seventh place in Journalism Management Decision Making); Julie Amentler, Kimberly Amentler, and Lindsay Braunstein (seventh place in Management Decision Making); Jayden Bonham (eighth place in Intro to Business); Alexis Zola and Alexandra Young (eighth place in Entrepreneurship); Kaylee Witner (ninth place in Intro to Business Communication); Emely Lopez-Rodriquez (ninth place in Intro to FBLA); and Hannah Falatko (10th place in Business Communication).

MMI FBLA advisor Katherine Zucco said, “I am so proud of all our students who participated in FBLA this year. So many of them joined FBLA for the first time and pursued an event that either challenged them academically, pushed them to further refine their speaking skills, or allowed them to pursue a professional field of their own interest. Our students use the personal and professional skills they have gained in all of their courses to shine in everything they do,” she said. “MMI consistently has a strong showing at the FBLA State Leadership Conference so it will be exciting to watch these students represent MMI at the competition.”

FBLA inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences. FBLA provides innovative leadership development programs to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship. Participation in FBLA can have a direct impact on the direction and success of a young person’s career. Millions of students have learned through active membership in FBLA about the world of business and what is expected of them in the workplace.


PICTURED: Thirty-eight MMI students will advance to the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference in Hershey in April following their performance at the FBLA regional competition. Pictured are, first row, from left: Brenna Eckhart, Manal Muhammad, Annabel Dobash, Gianna Moisey-Hoover, Jacqueline Snyder, Katherine Lewandowski, Hiba Muhammad, Alexis Dalesandro, Lindsay Horvat, and Andrellie Puntiel. Second row: Kennedy Tavaris, Katharine Pinto, Maya Rizkalla, Paige Machulsky, Olivia Bartholomew, Rachael Betz, Sandra Abdulrahman, Morgan Allen, Samantha Sparich, and Emily Ankiewicz. Third row: FBLA Advisor Katherine Zucco, Darren Zheng, Adam Tron, Kai Mele, Ethan Stine, Noah Long, Josue Rodriguez, Alexander Jordan, and Benjamin Putnam. Fourth row: Connor Spencer, James Kelly, Christian Yamulla, Kevin McNulty, Marcus Danchision, and Robert Rinaldi.



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