Fifty of MMI Preparatory School’s 75 student competitors qualified for the Pennsylvania FBLA State Leadership Conference during the recent Regional Leadership Conference competition.

The top five students in each test event advance to states and the top two students or teams in each performance event advance to the state competition, which will be held April 8-10 in Hershey. MMI Social Sciences instructor Katherine Zucco is the FBLA advisor and Flashback Cinema sponsors MMI’s FBLA chapter.

Fifteen MMI students placed first in individual or team competitions and will advance to the state competition. First-place finishers and their events are: Keefer Hoover (Accounting); Frederick Mejia (Business Calculations); Morgan Allen and Samantha Sparich (Business Ethics); Mahum Ahmed, Kelisa Hysenbegasi, and Alyssa Sweda (Emerging Business Issues); Elizabeth Borchick, Julie Amentler, and Kimberly Amentler (Graphic Design); Jayden Bonham (Intro to Business Communications); Morgan Long (Personal Finance); and David Antolick, AJ Jordan, and Christian Yamulla (Sports & Entertainment Management).

Additionally, 35 students finished in the top five and will advance to the state competition.

Second-place finishers and state qualifiers are: Elliot Blasko (Communications); Rachael Betz (Intro to Business); Sydney Kohl, McKenna Gallagher, and Jacqueline Snyder (Intro to Business Presentation); Emily Ankiewicz, Adam Tron, and Katharine Pinto (Management Decision Making); and Amanda Kalada Kania (Political Science).

Third-place finishers and state qualifiers are: Alexander Kline (Business Calculations); Wesley Guarneri and Coleman Smith (Entrepreneurship); Nicholas Carrato, Marcus Kassick, and Kaitlyn McGeehan (Global Business); Carter Frask, Kai Mele, and Hugh Soltau (Marketing); and Christian Badamo (Political Science).

Fourth-place finishers and state qualifiers are: Brian Payne (Cyber Security); Zachary Young (Healthcare Administration); Ian Dewar, Matthew Marchetti, and Maxwell Santana (Hospitality Management); Kaylee Witner (Intro to Business); Hannah Falatko (Intro to Business Procedures); James Kelly (Intro to Business Math); and Andrellie Puntiel, Josue Rodriguez, and Harry Kress (Sports & Entertainment Management).

Fifth-place finishers and state qualifiers are: Irene Altmiller (Advertising); Jessica McClellan (Hospitality Management); Kevin McNulty (Intro to Business Math); Olivia Bartholomew (Intro to Information Technology); and Paige Machulsky (Political Science).

Lindsay Horvat (third place in Intro to Public Speaking), Catherine Havrilla and Madyson Hornack (third place for Graphic Design) and Violet O’Connell (fourth place in Publication Design) also finished in the top five but did not qualify for the state competition.

Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) educational association of student members preparing for careers in business or who are interested in learning more about the free enterprise system. FBLA helps students develop leadership abilities and prepare for entry into, and advancement within a business or business-related occupation. Members learn how to engage in business enterprise, how to direct the affairs of a group, and how to compete honorably in competitive events. These activities help prepare students to be better employees and better citizens.

At the PA State Leadership Conference, which is attended by approximately 4,500 student members and advisors, qualifying members will participate in numerous competitive events, attend leadership development seminars, and campaign for state office. Advisors will administer the competitive events and participate in professional development sessions.


CAPTION: Seventy-five MMI Preparatory School students recently competed at the Pennsylvania FBLA Regional Leadership Conference and 50 students advanced to the state finals. Pictured are, first row, from left: FBLA Advisor, Katherine Zucco, Kaitlyn McGeehan, Elizabeth Borchick, Lindsay Horvat, Morgan Strecker, Grace Warner, Kaylee Witner, Olivia Bartholomew, Rachael Betz, Andrellie Puntiel, Katharine Pinto, and Madelyn Dryfoos. Second row: Jacqueline Snyder, Elizabeth Eckhart, McKenna Gallagher, Katherine Lewandowski, Hiba Muhammad, Morgan Allen, Samantha Sparich, Alexis Dalesandro, Irene Altmiller, Alexis Zola, Paige Machulsky, and Kennedy Tavaris. Third row: Kaitlyn Bellizia, Jessica McClellan, Sydney Kohl, Kimberly Amentler, Julie Amentler, Hannah Falatko, Mahum Ahmed, Kelisa Hysenbegasi, Amanda Kalada-Kania, Alyssa Sweda, Emily Ankiewicz, and Kai Mele. Fourth row: Maxwell Santana, Elliot Blasko, Brian Payne, Ryan McNelis, James Kelly, Carter Frask, Marcus Kassick, Hugh Soltau, Josue Rodriquez, and Harrison Kress. Fifth row: Ian Dewar, Keefer Hoover, Darren Zheng, Wesley Guarneri, Coleman Smith, Andrew Decker, David Antolick, Alexander Jordan, Adam Tron, and Nicholas Carrato. Sixth row: Matthew Marchetti, Jayden Bonham, Kevin McNulty, Colin Williams, Frederick Mejia, Alexander Kline, Christian Badamo, Marcus Danchison, Ethan Stine, and Zachary Young.