Clean Up for a Clean Cause
It is a natural duty to keep the Earth a clean and safe environment. Sometimes, however, the Earth is taken forgranted, along with the vital resources it provides for all life. Trash, litter, and pollution are often noticed lying aimlessly on the side of almost every street. As a way to try and reduce the litter on the Earth, 15 students from the Valley View High School Biology Club volunteered to take the responsibility of picking up all the trash that was left behind on their adopted highway on May 27th, 2016.  Although there was still a significant amount of litter collected, Valley View advisor, Anastasia Zabielski,  is proud to announce that there was a diminish in the amount of trash obtained from 2015 to 2016. There was an average of four trash bags collected this past May, which is a 55% decrease from when they collected nine bags in 2015. Bottles and cans were also gathered to be recycled, with a 32 can difference from 2015-2016; 280 cans were collected to be recycled in 2015 and 248 cans were gathered for the same purpose in 2016. Proudly, the Valley View Biology Club was also featured in the 2016 publication of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful for their hard work and generous efforts into making the world a cleaner place.

Pictured kneeling left to right: Hailey Kobrynich, Lindsay Ubaldini, Maddie Bonk, Giavanna Villano

Standing left to right: Fernanda Morato, Amanda Sakulich, Gianna Memo, Julia Kanavy, Abbey Halloran, Megan Zabielski, Mary Zabielski, Summer Bryla, Alexa Kobrynich, Bella Piccihni, and Kaitlyn Brown,