Class Night 2015

Class Night for the graduates of 2015 was held at Susquehanna Community High School on Friday, June 5th. During this honorable occasion each student was recognized for their achievements and accomplishments which were presented by their fellow classmates. We also had several presenters who came to present their awards to these fine students. Every student was recognized for something during this ceremony and their future plans were revealed as well. Ivy Christensen, 2015 Class President, welcomed parents, friends, and families. There were a total of 7 seniors who acted as Master of Ceremonies for this event: Ariana Hagopian, Clayton Hansen, Andreas Plonka, Olivia Rockwell, Justin Stanford, Daniel Staros, and Shirlynne Wademan. Musical numbers were performed by Clayton Hansen, Justin Stanford, and Daniel Staros.





$300.00 Tony Aliano Memorial Award – Mikayla Hargett

$250.00 American Legion Post 6 Award – Zachary Hallisey

$500.00 James Beebe Memorial Scholarship – Emily Stark

$150.00 Jeanette and Clarence Brownell Memorial Scholarship – Willard Cobb

$200.00 Burman Collision Service Automotive Technology Award – William Reddon

$25.00 Stuart C. Button Memorial Scholarship Award – Clayton Hansen

$250.00 Canawacta Masonic Lodge #360 Scholarship Award – Tyler Petriello

$1,000.00 Canawacta Rod & Gun Lodge Award – Susie Chamberlain

$1,000.00 Susquehanna County Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship – Keith Hubal

$100.00 Nellie Jane DeWitt Business Professional Women Business Award – Mikayla Hargett

$100.00 Nellie Jane DeWitt Business Professional Women Scholastic Award – Ivy Christensen

$100.00 Nellie Jane DeWitt Business Professional Women Vocational Award – Sarah Heath

$800.00 Edwards/Napolitano Memorial Musical Scholarship – Dale Reid

$2,600.00 Mariano & Maria Fiaschi Memorial Nursing Scholarship – Katie Greene

$200.00 Issobel and Edward Gordon Scholarship Award – Nicole Barnes

$250.00 William D. and Sara C. Iveson Memorial Scholarship – Willard Cobb

2/$1000.00 John and Margaret Karmazin Scholarship – Ariana Hagopian, Olivia Rockwell

$10,000.00 Lackawanna Natural Gas Technology Bluestone Gathering Scholarship – Adam MacDonald

$25.00 Rosalie Maxfield Memorial Award – Clayton Hansen

$250.00 McDonald’s Ray A. Kroc Youth Achievement Award – Austin Felter, Robert Palonis

$500.00 William Mess Award – Brady Towner

$100.00 Susquehanna Monday Club – Ariana Hagopian

$175.00 William J. Nagorny Social Studies Award – Mikayla Hargett

2/$100.00 New Milford Rotary Club Award – Ariana Hagopian, Clayton Hansen

$80,000.00 Claire Williams O’Neil Scholarship – Ivy Christensen

2/$200.00 Peoples Security Bank and Trust – Clayton Hansen, Justin Stanford

$400.00 Susquehanna County Pomona Grange Scholarship – Willard Cobb

2/$1,000.00 Denise Reddon Memorial Scholarship – Clayton Hansen, Taryn Tross

$2,250.00 Beatrice Reynolds Memorial Scholarship – Abigail Day

$250.00 Donald Robinson Award – Austin Felter

$100.00 Benjamin J. Rockwell Awards – Nicole Barnes

$2,000.00 Frank Roia Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Barnes

2/$125.00 Esther L. Ross Memorial Track/Cross Country Scholarship – Ivy Christensen, Mikayla Hargett

14/$50 Sabers Football Booster Participation Award – Lucas Brinton, Willard Cobb, Austin Felter, Ariana Hagopian, Clayton Hansen, Christian Miller, Tyler Petriello, Brad Sherman, Daniel Staros, Emily Stark, Kayla Swartz, Brady Towner, Michael Vaccaro, Shirlynne Wademan

2/$1,000.00 Saint John’s Pro Life Award – Nicole Barnes, Taryn Tross

3/$250.00 Jane B. Schneider Memorial Scholarship – Justin Acone, Felicia Hines, Justin Stanford

$1,000.00 Stone Bridge Lions Club Award – Olivia Rockwell

3/$1,000.00 Susquehanna Community Education Association Scholarship – Ariana Hagopian, Keith Hubal, Olivia Rockwell

$500.00 Susquehanna Elementary Faculty/Staff Memorial Scholarship Fund – Ariana Hagopian

$1,000.00 Susquehanna Fire Department Community Service Scholarship – Keith Hubal

2/$300.00 Susquehanna Sabers Basketball Booster Club Award – Kasey Burdick, Mikayla Hargett

2/$125.00 Tri-Boro Little League Donnie Ayres Memorial Scholarship – Nicole Hines, Brady Towner

$250.00 Sons of the American Legion Marty Wood Award – Olivia Rockwell

2/U.S. Army National Scholar/Athlete Award – Kasey Burdick, Brianna Burlingame

2/U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award – Ariana Hagopian, Brady Towner

U.S. Marine Corps Scholastic Excellence Award – Keith Hubal

U.S. Marine Corps Semper Fidelis Award – Daniel Staros

2/District P.I.A.A. Scholars Athlete Award – Nicole Barnes, Brady Towner

2/Lackawanna Interscholastic Athletic Association Award (LIAA) – Ivy Christensen, Austin Felter




Band Pin – Clayton Hansen, Daniel Staros, Kayla Swartz, Shirlynne Wademan

Choir Pin – Abigail Day, Clayton Hansen, Sara Perry, Dale Reid, Justin Stanford, Daniel Staros, Marty Swartz, Shirlynne Wademan

Music Booster Award Pin – Daniel Staros

National Honor Society Pin – Brianna Burlingame, Ivy Christensen, Willard Cobb, Austin Felter, Katie Greene, Ariana Hagopian, Clayton Hansen, Keith Hubal, William Reddon, Dale Reid, Olivia Rockwell, Justin Stanford, Emily Stark, Daniel Staros

Scholastic Bowl Pin – Ivy Christensen, Clayton Hansen, Keith Hubal, Olivia Rockwell, Justin Stanford

Envirothon Certificates and Cords – Ariana Hagopian, Nicole Hines, Keith Hubal, Emily Stark

Envirothon Certificates – Taryn Tross

S.A.D.D. Award Pin – Ariana Hagopian, Allison Ryder, Emily Stark, Taryn Tross

Student Council Representatives Sash – Susie Chamberlain, Ivy Christensen, Keith Hubal, Olivia Rockwell

Student Mentor Certificates – Susie Chamberlain, Ivy Christensen, Abigail Day, Katie Greene, Ariana Hagopian, Jerry Hallisey, Clayton Hansen, Nicole Hines, Adam MacDonald, Dale Reid, Olivia Rockwell, Allison Ryder, Anastasia Smith, Emily Stark, Kayla Swartz, Brady Towner, Shirlynne Wademan





Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center Awards


$250.00 Gardner Warner American Legion Post 154 – Brianna Williams

Compound Sliding Laser Miter Saw ($550.00 – Carpentry Class) – Zachary Hallisey

Shirt, Nail Bag, and Pencil (Brojack Lumber) – Zachary Hallisey

$250.00 Anonymous Contributor – Tracy Miller

$250.00 Welding Award (Meshoppen Stone) – William Archambault

$100.00 Welding Award (Park Vale Farm) – William Archambault

Welding Helmet ($150.00 – Praxair) – Russel Porth