Class Night 2017- Susquehanna Community School District


The annual Class Night program at Susquehanna Community High School was held on Friday, June 2nd at 6:30 p.m. During this honorable occasion, each student was recognized for their achievements and accomplishments, which were presented by their fellow classmates: Hannah Day, Chad Lee, Madison Canfield, John Abruzzo IV, Marissa Gaglione, and Evan Haley.   We also had several presenters who came to deliver a variety of awards and scholarships to the Class of 2017. Every student was recognized for sports, certificates, volunteer activities, scholarships and their plans for their future. Saige Perry, 2017 Senior Class President, welcomed parents, faculty, School Board and friends. She also gave a description of several awards that were being presented throughout the evening. High School Principal, Carmella Bullick, said a few words highlighting the class of 2017 and commending them on their accomplishments as well. Musical selections were performed by Marissa Gaglione and Amy Zebrowski. We congratulate Susquehanna Community’s Class of 2017 and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!



$300.00 Tony Aliano Memorial Award – Taylor Williams

$250.00 American Legion Post 6 Award – Brandyn Belvedere, Michael Heath

$500.00 James Beebe Memorial Scholarship – Lyndsey Mroz

$150.00 Jeanette and Clarence Brownell Memorial Scholarship – Slone Chandler

$25.00 Stuart C. Button Memorial Scholarship Award – Evan Haley

$1,000.00 Canawacta Rod & Gun Lodge Award – Slone Chandler

$500.00 Cody Albert Memorial Scholarship – Taylor Bennett

$500.00 Susquehanna County Conservation District’s Scholarship Award – Haley Rhone

$1,000.00 Susquehanna County Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship – Evan Haley

$250.00 Cronlund/Slocum Scholarship (Florence Shelly Preserve) – Haley Rhone

$500.00 Susquehanna County Democratic Award – Evan Haley

$850.00 Gill Depew Memorial Scholarship – Amy Zebrowski

$150.00 Nellie Jane DeWitt Business Professional Women Business Award – Amy Zebrowski

$150.00 Nellie Jane DeWitt Business Professional Women Scholastic Award – Hannah Day

$150.00 Nellie Jane DeWitt Business Professional Women Vocational Award – Katherine Woodruff

$850.00 Edwards/Napolitano Memorial Musical Scholarship – Hannah Day

$2,500.00 Mariano & Maria Fiaschi Memorial Nursing Scholarship – Gabrielle Glover

$500.00 Friends of Susquehanna County Volunteer Award – Taylor Bennett

$200.00 Issobel and Edward Gordon Scholarship Award – Taylor Bennett

$250.00 William D. and Sara C. Iveson Memorial Scholarship – Gabrielle Glover

$10,000.00 Lackawanna Natural Gas Technology Bluestone Gathering Scholarship – Shaun Andersen

$25.00 Rosalie Maxfield Memorial Award – Jessica Lamb

$250.00 McDonald’s Ray A. Kroc Youth Achievement Award – Madison Canfield

$500.00 William Mess Award – Hannah Day

$100.00 Susquehanna Monday Club – Taylor Bennett

$175.00 William J. Nagorny Social Studies Award – Madison Canfield

2/$100.00 New Milford Rotary Club Award – Madison Canfield, Saige Perry

$40,000.00 Claire Williams O’Neil Scholarship – Evan Haley

$510.00 Parent Involvement Committee – Madison Canfield

2/$200.00 Peoples Security Bank and Trust – Briana Ferrante, Michael Hilkert

$400.00 Susquehanna County Pomona Grange Scholarship – Slone Chandler

$500.00 Beatrice Reynolds Memorial Scholarship – Madison Canfield

$100.00 Benjamin J. Rockwell Awards – Brandyn Belvedere

$2,000.00 Frank Roia Memorial Scholarship – Jessica Lamb

$300.00 Esther L. Ross Memorial Track/Cross Country Scholarship – Lauren Soden

$100.00 Sabers Football Booster Cheerleader Award – Lyndsey Mroz

15/$50.00 Sabers Football Booster Participation Award – Shaun Andersen, Evan Haley, Michael Hilkert, Tyler Williams, Slone Chandler, Kendra Cole, Briana Ferrante, Lacee Hodge, Lauren Meszaros, Lyndsey Mroz, Saige Perry, Alexia Presley, Haley Rhone, Taylor Williams, Alexandria Warring

2/$250.00 Jane B. Schneider Memorial Scholarship – Madison Canfield, Haley Rhone

$1,000.00 Stone Bridge Lions Club Award – Saige Perry

2/$250.00 Susquehanna Co-Ed Softball League Awards – Gabrielle Glover, Evan Haley

2/$1,500.00 Susquehanna Community Education Association Scholarship – Madison Canfield, Alexia Presley

$500.00 Susquehanna Elementary Faculty/Staff Memorial Scholarship Fund – John Abruzzo

2/$250.00 Susquehanna Fire Department Auxiliary Service Awards – Brandyn Belvedere, Jonathan Teribury

$750.00 Susquehanna Fire Department Community Service Scholarship – Evan Haley

2/$300.00 Susquehanna Sabers Basketball Booster Club Award – Garret Grausgruber, Lauren Soden

3/$125.00 Susquehanna Area Little League (Donnie Ayres Memorial Scholarship) – Taylor Bennett, Gabrielle Glover, Evan Haley

2/$250.00 Sons of the American Legion Marty Wood Award – John Abruzzo, Evan Haley

$1,000.00 Wayne County Community Foundation (Robert Zabady Scholarship) – Lauren Meszaros

2/U.S. Army National Scholar/Athlete Award – Tyler Williams, Katherine Woodruff

2/District P.I.A.A. Scholars Athlete Award – Shaun Anderson, Lauren Soden

2/Lackawanna Interscholastic Athletic Association Award (LIAA) – Evan Haley, Jessica Lamb



Band Pin – Alexandria Warring

Pep Band Pin – Alexandria Warring

Chorus Pin – Hannah Day

National Honor Society Pin – Hannah Day, Garret Grausgruber, Evan Haley, Jessica Lamb, Saige Perry, Kathryn Woodruff

Scholastic Bowl Pin – Hannah Day, Evan Haley, Jessica Lamb

Yearbook Pin – Gabrielle Glover, Kassandra Hall

Envirothon Certificates – Taylor Bennett, Evan Haley, Lacee Hodge, Lyndsey Mroz, Haley Rhone

Student Council Representatives Sash – Saige Perry

Student Council Certificates and Pin w/Officer Rank – Madison Canfield, Jessica Lamb, Saige Perry

Student Council Certificates and Pin – Hannah Day, Chad Lee, Alexia Presley, Lauren Soden

Student Council Volunteer Corps Certificate – Taylor Williams

Student Mentor Programs Distinguished Mentor Pin – Madison Canfield

Student Mentor Certificates and Pin – Taylor Bennett, Madison Canfield, Slone Chandler, Kendra Cole, Evan Haley, Kassandra Hall, Jessica Lamb, Lyndsey Mroz, Saige Perry, Alexia Presley, Lauren Soden, Taylor Williams


Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center Awards

$50.00 Check – Marisa Conklin

$25.00 Check – Robert Lehr

$250.00 Anonymous Donor – Lauren Meszaros

$50.00 Check – Shayna Slocum

$25.00 Check – Makayla Sullivan

$250.00 Visions Credit Union – Jonathan Teribury

$50.00 Angelo Ventresca & Associates – Jonathan Teribury

$50.00 Check – Kathryn Woodruff