Because of a grant that Riverside High School teachers Mr. Ed Flannery and Mr. Bill Pabst are involved in, the school acquired access to the GeoDome SpaceLab for the week of March 9th  – 13th . The GeoDome is a large tent-like structure equipped with a computer system, gaming equipment, and projector that allows for interactive explorations of Earth and Space Science. The view from inside the tent is out of this world! Onlookers sit or lie on the floor of the darkened 16 foot high dome and gaze deep into space at neighboring planets, our solar system and other galaxies. Ms. Nadine Solomon, 7th grade science teacher, lead her students on a tour of the solar system, highlighting the potential for life on our moon and other planets. They then zoomed out to demonstrate the relative size of our solar system to the Milky Way Galaxy, galaxy clusters and finally the known visible universe.


Pictured left to right, students in Ms. Solomon’s 7the grade science class:

Larissa Posdon, Charles Propes, Summer Gula and Katrina Azarsky