As part of their senior project Lackawanna Trail seniors, Lauryn Maleski and Taylor Selwood, held a balloon launch on the Lion Pride football field, Friday, May 15. They wanted to bring awareness to mental health topics. They also hoped to bring the students together to promote well-being, happiness and health, not only within interpersonal relationships, but within the self.
            The students of the junior class were instructed to write something on the piece of paper that they wish to “let go”.  Letting go could take many forms, including, but limited to: letting go of a negative situation, a person, a negative part or view of themselves, or anything that the student would feel appropriate. The papers were then tied to balloon strings.
            By choosing to participate in the balloon launch, the students were helping them to create a more positive and healthy learning environment for the students, which is the main goal of our mission.
Lackawanna Trail students helping in the event were, left, to right, Kelsey Hopkins, Marleah Filan, Jericho Hendershot, Taryn Maleski, Evan Sandercock, Taylor Selwood, Mikaela Weisenfluh, Owen Scioscia, D.J. Decker, Ethan Palaskas and Maleski.