Tyler Swiger, a Valley View High School Junior, was selected to receive an award for his essay he submitted to the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  Tyler’s essay was selected from the thousand of entries for an essay contest sponsored by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge.  The Freedoms Foundation is a non-profit educational group for civics and government students as well as teachers that sponsors the National Award program.  In his essay entitled “Do the Decisions You Make Carry with Them the Responsibility for Your Choices”, Tyler wrote about “The Beauty of Consequences.”  Tyler said: “I used examples of how a simple act of kindness can lead to a good consequence.  For example leaving your change for the next person in line at the store can lead to good things for the next person in line.”  Tyler was surprise but proud his essay was selected.  Tyler’s name will be added to the list of historically prestigious group of American citizens whose work and dedication advance the American ideal.  He will received the George Washington Honor Award Medal at formal ceremony in February at the Valley Forge Volunteer Chapter of Freedoms Foundation.