A Christmas tradition at Old Forge Elementary School is when the Honors Sophomore English class reads their Christmas Fairy Tales. It is a special moment for these high school students as they see young children entertained by their writing. The stories are filled with lessons, traditions, and hopefulness. They tap into their imagination to create memorable stories and demonstrate their confidence as they bring their stories to life.
Standing Left to Right: Ms. Marsico, Jessica Musick, Abby Bergamino, Lindsey Welsh, Abigail Robson, Gwen Kuckla, Aaliyah Aldubayan, Alex Anastasi, Maria Garcia, Cassandra Nocera, Jacob Burkhart, Ryan Termini, Aidan Hannon, Qua-Asia Rose
Kneeling Left to Right: Andrew Cummings, Katelyn Yurkavage, Alexis Fumanti, Abagail Garcia, Gianna Adomiak, Kevin Pepsin, Matthew Smith, Jeremy Zaykowski