Good Shepherd Academy is proud to announce that 3 of our Eighth Grade students were named Royal Scholars and 3 Eighth Grade students were named Redeemer Scholars for their achievement on the Holy Redeemer High School Placement Test.

The Royal Scholars attained the top 3 scores on the placement test and the Royal Scholars ranked in the top ten percent on the placement exam.
Pictured in row 1 from left to right: Peter Khoudary, Royal Scholar, Matthew Albrecht, Redeemer Scholar, Amelia Anderson, Royal Scholar, Victoria Berbano, Royal Scholar, Alex Hajkowski, Redeemer Scholar and Xavier Evans, Redeemer Scholar.
Row 2 from left to right: Mr. James Jones, Father John Chmil, Fr. Joseph Elston, Msgr. John Sempa, Father Andrew Sinnott, Father Andy Kurovsky,   Father
Alex Roche, Father James Alco, Father Dan Toomey and Mr. Stan Pavlick.