Shenandoah Valley Elementary Adopts New Classroom Innovation

A new and rather unique innovation is being utilized in the Shenandoah Valley Elementary second grade class of teachers Nina Delluso & Sheena Micko. The teachers became aware of a study by researchers who discovered that students learn best when they are involved in movement. By replacing ordinary classroom chairs with inflatable stability balls, the students’ brains were stimulated and their attention spans sharpened. Stability balls also known as yoga or exercise balls have physical benefits as well by improving their posture and their core strength. Based on the short time that the balls have been utilized the teachers have noticed an improvement in the focus & attention of the students. The balls were purchased at no cost to the district thanks to a special website accessed by SV Elementary administrators Brooke Wowak & Jessica Savitsky that provides money given by donors from a around the world to facilitate educational endeavors. Shown pictured with students: SV Elementary Principal Brooke Wowak, Teachers Sheena Micko, & Nina Delluso, and Vice Principal Jessica Savitsky.