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11:00AM Football Field

Inclement weather – High School Gymnasium


Class of 2013


Brett Joseph Archambault

Danielle Marie Barnes

Nicholas Lee Beshears

Brianne Gabriella Bianco

Daniel Biegert

Douglas G. Bishop

Devin Lynn Breese

Jagr  Briar

Kevin Andrew Bush

Megan Marie Canfield

Emily Elise Carmody

Derek R. Case

Dominique  Cina

Brendan  Conklin

Mark R. Conklin

Mitchell D. Corse

Alycia P. Cuevas

Emily Michelle Day

Kayla Decker

Maria Antonella Del Vecchio Uzcategui

Brandon Lee DeRose

Cody A. Dibble

Elizabeth Rose Fink

Kyleigh Nickole Fiske

Michael J. Frye

Lindsey Ruth Glidden

Britney Lynn Glover

Kara Ashton Gow

Coleman Aaron Hansen

Dylan James Haynes

Dessine Herzog

Tyler W. Hines

Valerie Dianne Hines

Dylan M. Krall

Kristen M. Kruger

Melissa Lea Kukowski

Sydney M. Larsen

Troy Maby

Cole Matthew Mallery

Amanda Marie Rose  Marco

Chelsea Marie Matta

Brett Metcalf

Caitlynn Nicole O’Dell

Patricia Ann Pauswinski

Raymond Leonard Polak III

Brooke E. B. Sampson

Taylor Soules

Chelsea Rae Sparks

Ryan Swanson

Ashley Marie Sweeney

William Terpstra

Andrzej Tomczyk

Kayla M. Valenti

Zachary Tyler Vaughn

Casey Jean Williams

Donald E. Wilmot

Ling Jing Yang



Melissa Lea Kukowski


Melissa Kukowski Valedictorian

Parents: John and Donna Kukowski

Activities: Track, Cross Country, Boys Basketball Manager, Ski Club, Spanish Club, National Honor Society, Yearbook and Class President.

Plans: Attend the University of Pittsburgh to Major in Neuroscience.

Departing Advice:  To the underclassmen…I’m going to tell you something my father tells me all the time, but please don’t take it literally.  “If you were smart, you would fail high school.”  Your biggest worries are how you’re going to get a three hundred page book read by tomorrow and whether the latest drama is about you.  You have the opportunity to spend all the time you want with your friends.  Go to dances, go to games.  Don’t keep telling yourself, “I’ll just go to the next one”, because before you know it, there are none left.  Take your education seriously.  I know it seems like you’re learning some of the most useless information and that you’re always asking yourself, “when am I ever going to use this?”  Chances are you won’t, but just in case you do, you’ve been taught it.




Ray Polak, Salutatorian

Raymond Leonard Polak III

Parents: Raymond and Laurie Polak

Activities: Pump Club, National Honor Society, Parent Involvement Committee, Pit Band for Drama, Scholastic Team, Kane Physics Competition

Plans:  Attend Penn State University and major in Mechanical Engineering. My dream is to become a rollercoaster designer.

Departing Advice:  My advice is that everyone follows their dreams.  Do not give up through any hardships, even if it seems impossible.  Be an individual, unique and find motivation and determination to move forward.  Do not follow the majority just to fit in.  Be an individual and work hard for success.


SCHS Senior Class Officers




Class Officers:

President: Melissa Kukowski

Vice President: Kyleigh Fiske

Secretary: Chelsea Matta

Treasurer: Caitlynn O’Dell