The Mountain View School District hosted their annual Tom Koes Boys and Girls Junior High Basketball Tournament on Saturday, March 15, 2014.  Participants in the tournament this year included teams from Mountain View, Blue Ridge, Forest City and Susquehanna School Districts.  Trophies were given for each 8th grade boys and girls champion teams as well as medals for both the winners and the runner-ups.  The boys from Mountain View took home the championship in first place.  First year coach, Jason Henke, said that he was very proud of the effort put forth by the team which ended the season with a league record of 11-2. 

Team Members Pictured:
First Row: Mike Schemerhorn, Luke Schmidt, Cameron Hollister, Anthony Neri, Eric Tran and Jake Andzulis Second Row:  Nicholas Pellew, Alex MacDonald, Nathan Ransom, Alex Showalter, Kyle Streich, and Coach Jason Henke