We get it. Somewhere between the momentum of a new year and the long, dull slide into the dead of winter, it’s pretty easy to lose that spark that made your New Year’s resolutions seem doable. We weren’t a bit surprised when we checked out our calendars this morning and saw that January 17th is Ditch Those New Year’s Resolutions Day.

We’d offer to be your cheering squad, but we’re not sure that the world is ready for us in short skirts and pom poms. Instead, however, we can offer you this tip: as resolutions drop like flies, so do the prices on all kinds of exercise equipment. And sometimes the easiest way to keep yourself psyched about getting into shape is to pick up a new set of weights, some spiffy new machinery, or even a new fitness DVD or two.

We’ve made it easier than ever to hunt down exactly what you need to keep yourself on track, too: you’ll find that we’ve created subcategories in our Exercise Equipment section so that the punching bags and the Pilates DVD’s are each in their very own appropriate spots. And even better? It’s free to see all the contact information on every single ad. Here’s your chance to exercise your right to some fitness motivation!