May 30 is Water A Flower Day (we suppose you could even go a little crazy and water more than one, but that’s entirely up to you). The day’s festivities – combined with this week’s heat wave – got us thinking: surely there must be some way to use an old leaky hose, right?

It turns out that a worn or defective hose can be recycled for a number of interesting uses. Perhaps the most enticing to us (Water A Flower Day, remember?) is to convert that iffy hose into a simple drip irrigation system for the garden. Simply snip off the male end (the end that you’d attach to a sprinkler or nozzle), tie it shut using a zip tie or metal hose clamp, and make small punctures along the length of the hose. Now you can attach the female end of the hose to its usual spigot and lay it among the plants in your garden to provide a steady stream of moisture.

So whether it’s that one flower or a multitude, this is an inexpensive and green way to reuse that old hose. Best of all? It frees you up to enjoy a mint julep (today’s Mint Julep Day as well).