We’d always thought the Dog Days were a summer thing, but we’re now reconsidering. What’s made us change our tune? These five simple words: Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

The show has been televised since 1948 (and streamed online since 2006) and it’s become something of a February tradition to catch the annual event. We’ve all got our favorite dog breeds, but it’s incredibly fun to check out the entries in each group. Last night brought us the first four groups: Hound (won by an American Foxhound), Toy (an Affenpinscher took 1st place), Non-Sporting (with a Bichons Frise winning the cup) and Herding (an Old English Sheepdog was the victor). Tonight the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups will compete.

We wondered: how do these dogs get their lengthy names? The first word or two of the name  generally indicates the name of the kennel or breeder. The second part of the name usually follows some sort of theme that’s used for that litter; for example, the litter might have a flower theme, so the dogs would have names like Paper Shop’s Marigold or Paper Shop’s Peony. Of course, most of the dogs also have “call names” or names that are commonly used – Paper Shop’s Marigold might have a call name of Mary or Goldie, for example.

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