Well, it is.

While we try our very best to give you a seamless, user-friendly online experience, we understand that there are times that the internet can be a bit lacking. Impersonal, even. And we’d like to remind you that we’ve always got real, live people ready to help you. Even better? Since we’re a local business, we’ve got local folks answering the phones. When you call us, you’ll talk to Kim, Bonnie or Jen (that’s me!), and we’re happy to answer your questions, help you decide on a category for your ad, or even assist with your wording.

And here’s something else that perhaps you may not have considered: we vet every ad. If something looks odd or scammy, we question it and follow up to make sure that it’s a legitimate advertisement before it even hits the web. So when you find a sweet deal on a rental or a job that sounds perfect, you don’t have to worry that it might turn out to be a Nigerian prince needing your assistance to transfer funds. We run interference for you so that you know the ads you’re checking out are the real thing.