First off: be grateful we didn’t opt for completely low-hanging fruit and go with ‘Sax Appeal’ as the title, because, believe us, it was tempting!

That being said, we ran into a bit of a conundrum this week. You know that we’re sticklers for organization and proper categorization; not only does it appeal to our bass-est (ha!) OCD tendencies, it also makes it easier for potential buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re constantly working on building the best possible website for our advertisers. And one of the parts of making a new site as user-friendly and easy-to-navigate as possible is working on revamping the ad categories and getting the ads appropriately sorted into them. It was all smooth sailing until we hit the musical instruments. Specifically, a saxophone. Woodwind? After all, it does use a reed, and that’s the very definition of a woodwind. But it’s quite often made of brass.

A little research told us that our instincts were correct: technically, the sax is a woodwind instrument (despite it’s rather brassy look).

When you place ads with us, you might experience a similar out-of-tune feeling. Not sure which category is right for your ad? No worries. Whether ads are placed over the phone, online, or via the U.S. mail, we promise to safely conduct them to the best possible spot.