We know, we know. Our updated cover design was so very impressive that the Department of Treasury had no choice but to follow suit. We became more colorful and easy to spot and – bam! – so did the new $100 bill, entering circulation today.

All kidding aside, we seriously can’t take credit for the revamped design of the C Note; it’s been in the works for quite some time. But if you wanted to get technical, you could say that we put $100 into print every single week. Best of all? You can get your mitts on that $100 for only 90 cents. Every week’s issue contains $100 worth of Powerball tickets, and they’re your entry into our PA Lottery Club. If those numbers hit a jackpot of $250,000 or more, we’ll split the winnings with the folks who have a complete copy of that issue (find more details on the inside back cover of every book).