We’d like to take a moment to wax sentimental – it is, after all, Valentines Day. We truly appreciate our readers and our many advertisers.

That said, we also love trivia. Since we can’t take all of you out for a fancy dinner nor can we send everyone bouquets of flowers, we’ll just share some fun (and offbeat) Valentines Day facts:

  • Thirty million boxes of chocolates are purchased every year for Valentines Day. Sweet! But did you know that the Richard Cadbury came up with the notion of boxed V-Day candy in the late 1800’s?
  • On Valentines Day in 1876 Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent for the telephone. 49% of Americans show their affection on this day with a phone call to loved ones.
  • Verona, Italy was the hometown of Romeo & Juliet. Every year, over 1000 love letters arrive in that city, all addressed to Juliet