Funny-looking little things, aren’t they? If you’re the owner of a pellet stove (or even someone who’s done their homework & considered buying one), you’ll recognize them immediately: fuel.

It might shock you to know that pellet stoves burn pellets (we know! Completely floored us, that one did). Sarcasm aside, here’s the really interesting part: those pellets are made from biomass. Biomass is basically compressed sawdust and other wood products; in other words, those little pellets are fuel that’s produced from waste wood that would otherwise end up in landfills. The pellets are poured into a hopper and an auger gradually feeds them into a burn pot area of the stove where they’re burned to produce a steady source of heat.

Pellet stoves were developed in the ’70s in reaction to fuel shortages caused by the Oil Crisis, and they’ve steadily increased in popularity ever since. With current rising heating costs, they’ve become a very viable option for home heating. There’s a wide range of types and grades of pellets, and the stoves can be either stand-alone or installed as a fireplace insert.

And, yes, we’ve got ’em. You’ll find pellet stoves in our Heating & Plumbing category; if you need to consult with a professional about pellet stove installation or if you’d like to find a source to buy pellets, we’ve got those, too.