With it’s nuanced and carefully chosen lyrics, it’s a pretty unforgettable song. Okay, we lie. Not about the unforgettable part (because it certainly is), but about the lyrics. In fact there’s only one: Tequila! And it’s repeated three times.

“Tequila” started out as, basically, a recorded jam session and appeared in early 1958 as the B side to another song. The tune began its climb into pop culture when a Cleveland DJ happened to play that B side, launching an unexpected hit. Most interestingly, the band that recorded it officially formed after the song was recorded; following the successful December 1957 recording session that produced “Tequila”, the group of musicians met to record again in January 1958 as The Champs.

Every rock & roll hit has a story. And you can get your hands on that story. You’ll find music memorabilia in Collectibles and records of all sorts in Musical Merchandise. The tequila? Well, you’re on your own for that one. But it is, after all, National Tequila Day, so we’re betting you’ll be successful.