How about walks in the rain?

And even if you like neither, chances are you don’t mind Rupert Holmes’ iconic song: “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)”. When we discovered that January 30th is Escape Day, we knew we’d found the tune that would be firmly lodged in our heads for the next few hours. So we shared it. You’re welcome!

Aside from being one of those ditties that everybody knows, “Escape” has a few other really interesting distinctions. Released on September 21, 1979, the song shot to the top of the Billboard charts, ultimately becoming the last #1 hit of 1979 (and of the ’70s themselves). And, in an odd twist of fate, it became the only song to rise to that #1 position in two different decades: KC and the Sunshine Band bumped Rupert from the top spot for the first week of 1980, but “Escape” returned to that coveted spot by the following week, making it the second #1 song of the ’80s.

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