*Thank God it’s Pi Day!

If you happen to be either a stickler for math or a circle (or maybe both), you’re probably enjoying a day dedicated to everyone’s favorite irrational number.

If you’re not a math-y kinda person, we’re perfectly happy to provide a pi primer! If you’re like us,  you’re probably seeing a number of jokes about irrational numbers in your Facebook feed. Although it sounds, well, irrational, there’s a pretty simple definition: an irrational number is a number whose digits go on forever in a seemingly random sequence. Pi is the result of dividing 22 by 7 (22/7), and if you do the math you’ll find a number that exceeds the space on your calculator (or even your sheet of scratch paper): 3.1415926535 … and on. And on. And on, all without any discernible pattern to those numbers.

Why is it Pi Day? Well, if you take the commonly used form of that irrational number, it’s 3.14, which corresponds neatly to today’s date: March 14 or 3.14. And while it’s pretty nice that Pi Day falls on a Friday this year, we think next year’s celebration will be pretty epic, as the date will take it to the next level by reading as 3.1415.