Because we sell anything and everything, we often get ads for the interesting, the unusual and the extremely specialized. One of the best parts of working here is that we learn so much about so many different things. Here’s where we feature an ad that made us sit up and take notice.

Watch out, Earthlings! This week’s ad seems to be downright futuristic:

SHRINK GUN SYSTEM Shrink Fast, w/gauges, perfect for boat, equipment, farm shrink projects, used once., orig. cost $600., sell $350. +(CLARKS SUMMIT) 570-479-0713

We envisioned this:

shrink ray

Shrinking boats? Well, okay. We suppose we wouldn’t mind a tiny yacht of our very own. Farm shrink projects? Um … little sheep? Miniature cows? What?!

… And then reality kicked in. We had to shake our Sci-Fi dreams (and remove our Marvin the Martian get-up). What at first seemed too good to be true turned out to be a rather practical (and likely incredibly useful) item. This shrink gun system doesn’t actually shrink things, it’s a tool to wrap various items in a protective coating that shrinks to snugly fit the item it’s protecting. Ever see a boat wrapped in plastic for the winter? Well, if you ever have the need to winterize a boat, this is the tool for you.

Sorry, Marvin.