Doo doo doo doo Doodoodoodoodoo …

Okay, okay. Our sincere apologies to Europe (the band, not the continent). To be fair, though, we never claimed that covers of ’80s tunes were our strong suit. But we do tend to get that ditty stuck in our heads from, well, about noon on Thursday until promptly 11 AM on Friday.

Why? Because it’s crunch time for us. Deadline. We’d like to tell you that at 11 every Friday, confetti and balloons drop from the ceiling, champagne corks start a-poppin’ and we get the cheerful accompaniment of a band tooting out Sousa marches.

Sadly, however, that’s not the case.

What does happen is far more pedestrian: our system briefly shuts down to lay out the next week’s issue, we quickly give a mock-up edition a final once-over, and then we send the whole thing to the printer. And then it’s on to the next issue.

But if you choose to think of us as sending every issue off to print with panache, that’s fine with us. Just don’t tell the members of Europe – we don’t think they’d do the Sousa marches justice.