On this day in 1951, the Twenty-second Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified. And if, like us, you need a little refresher, we’re happy to accommodate you: that amendment limited all future presidents to two terms in office.

Aside from the pure joy of injecting a little history into your day, we do have a reason for bringing up ol’ Amendment 22, and that reason is pretty cool. If you’re a user of Paper Shop, you know that we’ve always run your classified ad for 4 issues (that’s 4 weeks), and then we’d contact you to see if you’d like to continue advertising.

Well, we’ve decided to simplify. Why not, right?

We’d like to let you know that we’ll be happy to continue to run your ads until you’d like us to stop them. We don’t care if it’s one week or ten – we’ll keep those ads in print and online until you tell us otherwise. We think it’s a far more efficient way to keep your items for sale, and you never need to worry about your ads expiring and losing exposure. Of course, when you stop your ads there’s no charge at all – it doesn’t matter if you stop because you’ve sold the items or for some other reason. Just let us know, and we’ll deep six them right then and there.

In short: we’ve eliminated term limits on ads. You can place ads, stop ads, or even *ahem* amend them on our website anytime you’d like.