radio microphone

We do our very best to be prepared for a fun & interesting broadcast every Saturday. We’re at the ESPN studio in the Times Building in downtown Scranton bright & early. Co-host Kim’s got both her information and her speaking voice all ready to go (possibly powered by caffeine). We’ve reminded people all week that they’re invited to call the show. And yet … the most vital ingredient can’t be prepared in advance.

We can’t spell Paper Shop Live! without U!!! Oh. Wait. We can. *ahem* ┬áStill, we’d never be able to bring you NEPA’s first classified ad program without all the people who take the time to call the show to talk about what they’re selling.

You know, you could be one of those people. It’s pretty easy, and it’s free. We’ve found that it’s a great way to reach a whole new audience, too: not only do we get the folks who tune in to hear the show live, we also get podcast listeners who check it out for the remainder of the week. And every ad that’s on the show appears on for the whole week, too.

Be brave! Be daring! Most importantly, be successful (and have fun doing it)! Give Kim & Sean a ring this Saturday and tell them what you’d like to sell: 1-888-303-0630

Catch Paper Shop Live! at 9 every Saturday morning on NEPA’s ESPN radio network at 96.1 & 100.1 FM or 630 & 1240AM.