radio microphone

We love it when you catch our radio show live on Saturday mornings (that’s why we named it Paper Shop Live! and not something like Paper Shop Whenever Everyone Gets To It!). That said, we understand that life can get in the way of the best made plans, and even if you happen to catch us live on the air, there’s the possibility that you just might miss the details about something that interests you. If this happens, there’s no need for panic and despair (Really!). There are a few ways to get up to speed on information you may have missed.

First off, there’s the podcast. Every show is uploaded to the web and remains there until the following Saturday, when it’s replaced with the new show. You can listen whenever you like, and even pause it if necessary.

But if there’s a specific item you’d like to find out about, you can easily cut to the chase by checking out our website. Since every ad that’s on the air appears there, you need only type “Paper Shop Live” in the search field to pull up the ads from the show.