We’d like to toot our own horn here and boast about two rather melodic categories: Musical Instruments & Musical Merchandise. They’re categories with a number of similarities, and, indeed, you’ll find them right near each other in every issue (in this week’s edition, Musical Instruments starts on page 80 while Musical Merchandise debuts on page 81).

Looking for a piano? A clarinet? A drum set? Musical Instruments is the category you need. If you’re seeking speakers, equalizers, or stereo amplifiers, check out Musical Merchandise. It’s pretty simple, however (and there’s always a however) …

When it comes to guitar amplifiers, we’ve got a bit of a categorical anomaly: while stereo amplifiers exist simply to amplify sound, guitar amplifiers are part of the instrument itself, since they’re used to distort the sound of the rather passive electric guitar. Distortion pedals introduce a similar conundrum. You’ll find guitar amplifiers – along with distortion pedals – in our Musical Merchandise category, along with stereo equipment and speakers.