It’s a staple of home remodeling programs and a feature of homebuying shows: the unexpected wood floor. Who wouldn’t (woodn’t?) want to find beautiful hardwood floors tucked under all that old carpeting?

If you’re feeling curious, there are a few ways to get an idea if you’ve got some hidden hardwood. First, try going to your basement & looking upward at the underside of the floor; most hardwood is tongue-and-groove. If you’ve got them, heat registers are another spot to take a sneak peak at what’s underneath; remove them and you’ll get a look at what’s under that carpet.

Or you could take the easiest (and most fun) route: enter to win new floors. We’ve teamed up with Giant Floor to give away new flooring, and it’s pretty easy to win. You can fill out the coupon you’ll find in any issue or Paper Shop, like us on Facebook or purchase an online subscription, and – voila! – you’re automatically entered.

So knock on wood (or laminate. Or tile.) that you’ll be the winner we draw on May 23.