Spring has finally arrived! As the weather gets warmer and we start venturing outside we start thinking about our lawn and garden projects we want to tackle.   Paper Shop has a good selection of used farm, lawn and garden equipment available for sale on a daily basis.  As we take these ads we just can’t help but wonder how some of these names came into existence.

John Deere is a very popular brand.  The bright green color and leaping deer is unmistakable for any other equipment.  Did you know that John Deere, his actual name, was a blacksmith by trade?  Deere found he was making the same repairs repeatedly for the farmers on their cast iron plows, so he crafted a new kind of plow out of moldboard that would work better on the soil of the prairies.

plow_144x98Plow John Deere Created in 1838


The material used wasn’t the only unusual thing about the plows.  Compared to others of that time, it was curved differently so the soil could be turned over easier.

He may have started off slowly only selling three plows the first year, but continually increased the following years.  He continually tested and made improvements to the plows based on his own research and from advice from his customers.  As he continued to grow so did his line of products which included cultivators, harrows, planters and more.  After 175 years, John Deere is still going strong today.  Providing many different kinds of quality products.

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