And the FM, too.

When you tune in to catch Paper Shop Live! on Saturday mornings, we can be found in a few spots on the dial: 96.1 and 100.1 FM and 630 and 1240AM. While we’re happy that we’re easy to find, we wondered what the difference is between AM and FM radio. We knew from long-ago Science classes that it had something to do with waves, but the details were lost on us. So we did a little research.

AM & FM radio transmit their sound using electromagnetic waves, but the difference lies in how those waves are manipulated to send out a signal. With AM, the strength (amplification) of the waves is varied while FM varies the frequency (how many waves per second).

Both have their benefits & drawbacks, too: FM radio has a better sound quality and can carry a stereo signal. The quality of an AM signal is not nearly as clear, but it can broadcast to a much larger area, which is why it’s so often the purview of talk radio.

Whichever band you prefer, catch a wave & join us at 9 on Saturday!