We had to say it. Had to. And there’s probably no better day to do so than on the 138th anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell receiving a patent for a nifty little invention he chose to call the telephone.

While Bell’s catchy name for the device stuck, his recommended greeting when using the newfangled apparatus didn’t fare nearly as well. Some early users answered their telephones with a hearty “Ahoy!”, but it didn’t really stick for long. By the turn of the century, most folks used “Hello?”,  a greeting suggested by Thomas Edison. Interestingly, there are still a few references to that “ahoy” in pop culture; most interestingly on The Simpsons, where Montgomery Burns answers his phone with an old-timey “Ahoy-hoy!”

We’ve got a soft spot for that seafaring salutation, but we won’t be adopting it in our office anytime soon. So when you call with questions or help (which we encourage you to do), we’ll answer with our first names so that you’ll know who you’re speaking with. Bear in mind, however, that you’re perfectly welcome to hit us with a cheery “Ahoy!” – it would probably make our day.