Piggy Bank

Well, it is.

When you’re looking to rent, it generally means that you’re making some changes. Maybe you’re downsizing your living space, or maybe you’ve outgrown your current home. Perhaps you’re starting a business. Or maybe it’s time to stash that boat or classic car for a season or two. No matter what the circumstances, it’s definitely an indicator of change, which – for better or worse – can be stressful.

We’ve always offered a category for rentals, and we think it’s a pretty important one. So important, in fact, that we’d like to see it grow into one of our most useful services. In order to do this, we offer free advertising for rentals; if you’ve got an apartment, a home, or even some garage space to let, it’s now free to post an ad with us seeking a new tenant. And if you’re in the business of property management or rentals, you can run a line ad for only $7.00 per week or a display ad for as little as $13.50.

You’re ready for a change, and so are we!