It’s funny how you get when you’re missing something, especially when it’s something very specific. If you’re a collector, you know the feeling well; in fact, hunting down those hard-to-find parts of the collection is a huge part of the fun. If nothing else, the internet has taught us that whatever strange or unusual collection you might be working on, there are others with the same yen.

Did you ever consider using the airwaves to find that item? You could reach a rather wide audience on Paper Shop Live!, and – best of all – it costs nothing. We welcome you to give us a call on Saturday, tell us a little about what you’re working on and let us help you hunt down what, exactly, you’d like to find.

We don’t care if it’s a part for an antique car, a serving piece to complete that antique china collection or even something you’d just like to have for sentimentality’s sake, such as an old toy. Call us. Tell our audience. Get collecting! 9-10 am Saturday, 1-888-303-0630