We woke up this morning feeling pretty good. Despite the cloudy weather and slightly chilly temperatures, we felt upbeat. It occurred to us that we were the direct recipients of some good vibrations. And when we checked the calendar, we knew exactly why: today’s the anniversary of the release of one of the most groundbreaking tunes in music history.

When the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations” dropped on October 10, 1966 it was the most expensive pop song ever recorded. The extensive instrumentation (including a theremin)¬†and the fact that it was assembled from parts of various recording sessions generated a price tag of over $40,000 – a music industry record for the time.

And here’s something else you might not know: although “Good Vibrations” was a Beach Boys single, the song was recorded using studio musicians. In fact, country superstar Glenn Campbell was the guitarist on this track.

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