Although a lot of us have grown up in NEPA — many have watched winter approach with a pit in their stomach. Cold weather brings to mind short, frigid days and long, dark nights, with the sun setting long before the work day even ends. As the coronavirus pandemic stretches into nearly a full year of impacting our daily lives, it can feel like it’s hard to find any fun in your day-to-day routine. (Life at home can feel a lot like Groundhog Day—and not in a good way.)

But this year, let’s find joy even on the slushiest days and not just by watching an endless stream of comedies huddled under your coziest blanket. Science shows that keeping busy can help stave off the blues, because your brain has less space to dwell on the doldrums when focused on something else.

That’s why we rounded up a selection of the best winter activities, regardless of your attitude toward the season. Whether you see the snow start to fall and can’t wait to grab your winter boots and get out there, or would rather hide from it with some distracting indoor fun

Now that winter has officially begun and some restrictions have been lifted, we have gathered a few safe activities that are available (both indoor and outdoor), including things to do at home if you are not that cold weather type.


Outdoor Fun:

  • Why not try skiing or snow tubing? – Montage Mountain has Ski-For-All-Specials that include equipment rental. Jack Frost/Big Boulder is also open with biggest savings for purchases 7+ days in advance.


  • Take a Walk or Bike Ride– Grab your boots, bundle up and take a walk in the woods. Getting out into the fresh air will lift your spirits, even in the cold weather. Make sure you have shoes with enough tread to keep you steady, and check the weather ahead of time for safety. With no snow currently on the ground, why not try the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail.  This trail stretches over 70 miles and connects more than 30 communities through Luzerne, Lackawanna, Susquehanna and Wayne.


  • Sledding – Although the snow may not currently exist, start getting prepared for when it does begin to fall. Sledding packs a wintery double whammy: Not only is sailing down a snowy hill the perfect blend of exciting and terrifying, but hiking back up to go another round is great cardio exercise.


Indoor Fun:

  • Ever Try Ice skating? Maybe your first date was to a local ice skating rink. Can you remember what the soundtrack was, Ice skating will help you work up a sweat and learn a new skill, even if you start out about as graceful as an elephant on ice.  Toyota Sports Plex is now offering limited public skating sessions for only $ 9.00.


  • Miss the movies? Although days and hours are limited why not catch a movie that maybe you wanted to see but the theatre was closed. Cinemark at the Stroud Mall and on Montage Mountain are back open.


  • Bowling anyone? Whether a first-time bowler or one that hasn’t bowled in years this activity (or sport to some) caters to all ages.  Chacko Family Bowling Center and Idle Hours are perfect places to try your skills with family and friends.


Fun at Home:

  • Play a Game: Turn off your devices and gather around a game board for some old-school fun: No electricity required. Teach the kids a classic or try a new release for brain-boosting benefits that don’t feel like work.


  • Put together a Puzzle: Doing puzzles can actually help fight brain aging, not to mention make the hours slip by. Sit down with the whole crew to spend some time puzzling, or set one up on the coffee table to keep going over days or weeks.


  • Spruce Up Your Space: Winter makes a great time to do some home improvements or clean outs, since you’re probably spending more time inside anyway. Take the opportunity to tackle that project you’ve been putting off. Refresh a room or declutter the house. Selling those unwanted items on FindnFlip will put a smile on your face!