Have you ever wondered why Paper Shop uses the recycling logo as the ‘o’ in Shop?

There are a few different reasons actually! Get ready to learn a little about Paper Shop that you may not have known previously.

We use the recycling logo instead of the letter ‘o’ because:

Customers recycle their goods
The recycling logo signifies the act of our customers selling their unwanted items instead of simply throwing them in the trash. When a someone buys an item off of a Paper Shop seller they are allowing that item to be recycled and are giving it a second life. Recycling your goods through Paper Shop means that your items aren’t going directly into a landfill. This act of recycling not only puts money back into your pocket but you can walk away in a state of happiness because you are helping to save the environment.

Recycled Paper Shop books

The Paper Shop books that do not get sold in stores actually get recycled. The paper is then used for future books that are printed. It’s a constant recycling circle! If you buy yourself a Paper Shop book, make sure to toss it in the recycling bin when you are done with it.

Reduce manufacturing demands

Believe it or not, when you shop through Paper Shop you are cutting down on manufacturing demands. Why buy the same exact item in a store when you can you get it at a lower price through Paper Shop?

We encourage you to recycle!

When you think of Paper Shop you think about buying items and saving money as well as selling items and making money. However, we also want you to think about how much of an impact you are actually making. We don’t want you to think that you just got some cash in your pocket. We want you to think about the impact you made on your environment and community. Buying and selling second-hand items will help save the plant little by little.

When you are thinking about throwing an item out, think about where it will end up, a landfill. Take a quick picture of that item and post it for sale on www.findnflip.com and save the environment all while making some extra cash. Also, when you are looking for a certain item, check out www.findnflip.com first and buy it at a cheaper price. Remember to recycle those items!