We hunt for reasons that are simple and complex, private and public, instinctive and trained.  We know that we – as hunters – are often misunderstood by those who don’t hunt or are opposed to it. We try to explain, and sometimes words fail us.

The Challenge?

For any hunter, the hunt is all about the challenge and the lure of success.  It takes skill, perseverance and luck to succeed.

The Camaraderie?

Whether young or old, many hunters have nothing to prove. They’ve tagged deer. They know the hunt. They know the terrain.  It’s about making arrangements. Coffee in a Thermos at 5 a.m. Meeting someone at an ungodly hour and getting in the truck and going to the hot spot. It’s about the ribbing for one screw-up or another. Forgetting the ammo. Missing the 20-yard buck. Falling asleep in a stand. The list goes on. It’s about the stories and the myths that get better over time. These are stories that pull families close, stories re-told at weddings, funerals and Thanksgiving.

The Food?

All-natural, organic, free-range, locally and totally sustainable. You can’t get this at your local butcher.  Game isn’t a commodity to be bought and sold; it’s a public resource.

The Fun?

It’s about getting up early. Pulling gear together. Going to camp and hanging out with friends. Gathering intelligence on deer and finding the right stand. It’s not just a challenge, it’s a blast – and a labor of love. It’s where stories are made and legends created. We’re on a mission. We may not succeed. We may fail heroically. But we’re on a mission and that’s how stories begin.

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