Why Local Matters?

When you are looking for something, sure it’s great to browse the web.  When you are ready to make a purchase that’s when Local really matters.  Keeping your dollars local is just as important as saving a few bucks.  Here’s a few ways having Local Businesses benefit you:

Provides a stronger economy for everyone:

They provide jobs to people in the community, pay taxes to the local government agencies and donate to community events. These factors together create a multiplier effect, meaning that each dollar spent locally can bring almost 3x that back to the community.

Provides a Great Place to Live:

Local businesses simply make your town a better place to live.  Property values benefit substantially when your town has thriving local businesses.  From local bars & eateries to food markets and pharmacies, all of these local businesses add value to your community.  Where would you rather live, in a community with thriving businesses or a community with empty store fronts?

Provides a Cleaner Environment:

Having many local businesses allows you to drive into town, park your car and run your errands on foot.  Maybe your close to enough to walk or bike?  Think of the savings from air pollution to gas consumption.

Provides a Closer Community:

Remember when you knew your neighbors?  Remember when you played outside in your neighborhood? Went to the hardware store or for ice cream with your family and always ran into someone you knew?  Today that community feel is no longer there.  Supporting Local Businesses can help bring that feeling of community back.  The personal interaction with someone is far better than waiting on hold and being connected to someone in another country to have your questions answered. 

As The Paper Shop has been a local business for 51+ years, we understand the importance of Local Businesses and Community involvement. Buying and Selling through The Paper Shop is 100% Local.

Are you moving, downsizing or just looking to make a few dollars? Selling those unwanted items through findnflip.com is free, and you’re dealing with people from your community! Other online sites exist, but how do they contribute to your community?

From a neighbor selling their Furniture or that certain Pet you have been contemplating. We also have local businesses selling Cars & Trucks, Hunting & Fishing Supplies, and so much more.

The Paper Shop is your LOCAL SOURCE! We have customer service reps available to assist you, who also live locally.