Yes, another holiday is just around the corner.  Seems like just yesterday we were shouting Happy New Year.  Can you believe only two weeks until Valentine’s Day.

No matter what type of relationship you’re in or how you feel about the holiday, you’re probably aware that Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. (If not, please take note.) Since many folks consider this to be the Most Romantic Day of the Year, having a plan in place (even if it’s a simple one!) is sort of key to making your partner feel loved on February 14. That said, finding Valentine’s Day ideas that work for you and your relationship can feel a bit overwhelming.

For the Adventurous types—or those on a budget—might like an outdoorsy Valentine’s Day date such as hiking,  while folks looking for luxury might want to book a romantic staycation or go on a couples getaway somewhere special. Honestly, with a little planning, you can even have an awesome date night at home that rivals a crowded restaurant (and doesn’t require pants).

While Valentine’s Day may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there are many ways to celebrate the holiday whether you’re part of a couple, hanging out with friends, or flying solo. We’ve figured out that the trick is just to celebrate the holiday in your own way.

The good news is you can celebrate the “Day” however you’d like (or skip it if it’s not your thing.


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