Using rain days wisely!

With a new season around the corner, now is the time to get organized and reclaim your home.

1. Tackle your garage. Did you know 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them, and after a summer of everyone home, the garage has become the dumping ground. Tackle this before winter comes because this is one of the biggest jobs on the list, but maybe the most satisfying! Take a little time to come up with a plan to attack the garage. First, start with the purging. Remember, SELLING unwanted items can add dollars to your wallet. Then determine if some shelving would help keep you organized moving forward. Remember, an organized garage is like staying thin—you have to be vigilant about the amount of calories/things that come in or else the weight/clutter will pile on.

2. What’s in the Basement? After a summer of “I’m bored,” you’ll have a great idea of what toys your kids really play with. And don’t forget the holidays (AKA more stuff) are just around the corner.  Did you know American families own 40% of the toys consumed globally?  The new school year will jump them to the next developmental level, so really be honest about what’s going to get played with. If letting go of toys is difficult for your kid, try the halfway there approach. Sort the toys into four piles: keep, donate, trash and not quite yet. Box up the “not quite yet toys” and put in a closet or garage. Tell your kids if they really miss the toy and want to play with it, it’s right there. Chances are, out of sight, out of mind, out of your home, especially with all the homework coming their way.

3. Sell old sports equipment.  In most sports, kids are outgrowing their gear every season, not necessarily because of wear and tear, but because kids outgrow them so fast.  Has your child outgrown their sports equipment?  Depending on their age, they may outgrow their shoes and padding on a seasonal basis.  Selling online is the easiest option and will get you more money for your gear. Instead of letting the used equipment pile up in your garage or hall closet, help someone else by SELLING it online.

Everybody wins!