If your house looks anything like mine, you’ve got a lot of unused stuff lurking in your closets, basement, and attic. Old furniture, tools you haven’t used in years, still-working electronic gadgets that have been replaced by newer ones, equipment for sports you no longer play — it’s all perfectly usable, but right now, all it’s doing is taking up space.

It’s probably crossed your mind that by selling all this extra stuff, you could declutter your home and put some extra cash in your wallet at the same time. But something has held you back. Maybe you weren’t sure how to sell it, or afraid seller fees would eat up all your profit.

Fortunately, all it takes to solve this problem is a little information. Once you know how easy it is, you can get busy turning your clutter into cash.


Selling Online

These days, one of the most common ways to get rid of extra stuff is to resell it online.

Back in the days before the Internet, if you wanted to find a buyer for your old couch, you’d place an ad in the Paper Shop.  You can still do this today (we are available Monday-Friday 8am-4pm), but you also can submit it through our website.

Our LOW Advertising Rates are as follows:

  1. Ad to appear in Print (3 weeks) and on the website: Only $ 3.00

This allows you to reach both old-fashioned news readers and those who like to get their news online for one small fee.


  1. Ad to appear on the website only: NO Charge

One big advantage of selling items on FindnFlip, which helps you reach local customers, is that you don’t have to deal with shipping. Not only does this save you trouble, it means your buyers don’t have to pay for shipping costs, which can sometimes dwarf the price of an item itself. It’s much easier to find a buyer when you’re offering an old TV set for $60 than when you’re offering it for $60 plus $150 shipping.

Safety is always a question, so remember to always meet at a public place and remember to bring a friend!

Lastly, when you are looking to buy or sell an item on FindnFlip, remember to utilize the Chat Feature. This allows you to communicate without revealing any personal contact information.


Final Word

There’s no one “best” way to sell your unwanted items. It all depends on what your priorities are. If your goal is to get as much money as possible for your stuff, selling it locally is probably your best bet.

If you want to sell your items quickly but also get a good price for them, listing them online is a good deal. You’ll be able to reach a wider variety of possible buyers, increasing the odds that you’ll find a buyer quickly.

Fortunately, this is a cheap way to reach local buyers.


Start Selling your Stuff Now!