Tips on taking great photos of the item(s) you’re selling

It has been proven that no matter what you are selling your item will sell faster when you have a picture of it in your ad. When you place an ad without a photo, buyers will not know the condition of the item, what it looks like exactly, and will ultimately overlook your listing.

Photos allow the buyers to see exactly what your item looks like, if there are damages, and saves them from imagining what the item might look like.

Here are a few tips on how to take great photos to sell your item(s) fast!

  1. Clean up the background

Make sure that you place your item in an area that is clean. The things you have in the background could distract the buyer from seeing your actual item that is for sale. When the background is clean your buyer will see your item and only that, this is really beneficial!

  1. Have good lighting

Natural light is usually the best to have your item look amazing. The times that are great to snap a photo is around 1-3pm. Try to avoid using a flash indoors because it can make the picture look very harsh. However, if you have no other choice, use that flash because it will still look better than a very dark photo.

  1. Focus

Each of your photos should be focused! This is so important in the selling process. It is great to have a photo, however, if it is out of focus your potential buyer might not see your item fully.

  1. Do not use photos from the internet

Buyers are less likely to buy from you because you are not being genuine from the start. It is important for buyers to see exactly what your product looks like and also to see the condition of it as well.


Happy snapping and good luck selling!