Winter hit hard this week with temperatures dropping into the negatives! Even though it is starting to warm up a bit, we should not bid adieu to those extremely cold temps. We still have 37 days until Spring and we all know it stays cold way past that. Temperatures may be dropping but that doesn’t mean your heating bill should keep rising. We came up with a list of tips that you should follow to keep your house warm and money in your pocket.

Move your furniture

If you have any furniture blocking radiators, you are blocking that heat from getting into the room. If you have a couch right in front of the radiator, it will absorb all the heat and the room will always feel cold. Rearrange your furniture to uncover that radiator. Trust us, you will feel the room warm up dramatically.

Hang up curtains 

During the day when the sun is out, open up those curtains and let the sunlight in. The sun is a free source of heat so use it! However, once the sun sets, temperatures will start to decline so make sure you close those curtains and use them as insulation.

Buy area rugs

If you don’t have carpeting in your house, your floors are probably always cold. Lay down some area rugs to keep your feet nice and toasty. This is a great excuse to restyle a room!

Get a hot water bottle

Fill up a water bottle with hot water and place it at the foot of your bed, underneath the blanket. This will ensure that your feet will stay nice and warm throughout the night.

Bake something in your oven

Whether you decide to bake some cookies, or dinner, after using your oven turn it off and keep it open. That heat will flow right into the kitchen and nearby rooms warming everything right up. (Do not do this if you have children or pets in the house unless you can securely close the kitchen off).

Utilize the steam from your shower

Taking a nice hot shower on a cold day is something most people love to do. Once you get out, open up the door and let that steam travel throughout the house. Surprisingly, this can warm up the house quickly.

Seal any drafts

On the bottom of doors, place a draft stopper to keep the cold air out. If you feel cold air entering in through your windows, get some weather stripping to keep the warm in and the cold out.

Stay safe and warm!