This summer may look a little different than past summers.

But that doesn’t mean summer 2020 has to be a bummer. Don’t focus on all the summer activities that have been cancelled or put on the unsafe list—instead, think about the positive, and all the wonderful things you can still do at home or while social distancing this summer.

If you’re looking for fun things to do in the summer at home—or simply want to focus on the simple pleasures of the season—try some of these stellar summer activities and staycation ideas that are just as wonderful as your traditional summer vacation plans. As with spring activities during coronavirus, adjusting expectations to these socially distant or at-home summer activities may take some mental gymnastics, but by the end of summer, you’ll still feel like you got your fill of warm-weather activities—while keeping yourself, your family, and your community safe.

There’s more to staying in than wasting time with a Netflix binge (maybe you’ve finished Tiger King and yes, it’s really as crazy as they say) or a mindless TV marathon.


The following list is designed to get your mind off the pandemic a bit, get you off the couch and get your home (and some of the things in and around it) ready for fall. Sit back and take notes or take heed and get started on a few of these activities—and remember to stay home, stay safe, but stay active.


Clean and organize the garage or basement (or even BOTH).

Is it messy, unorganized or full of unused items? Well, rain or shine, a good tidying will go a long way. It may take time, but the good news is, you’ve got more of that.   Don’t forget to sell those unwanted items on and even make some extra money.


Complete that “Do it Yourself” Project.

Odds are, there’s a repair or project that’s been bugging you for weeks, if not months or years. “I’ll fix it later,” is something you may tell yourself every time you encounter it. Well, there’s no time like the present. Should you need any tools, check out our great bargains in Machinery & Tools.


Tackle that Landscape Project. 

While you want to go to public parks and beaches to get outdoors, it’s not your safest bet. But the great outdoors is literally on the other side of your front door, and your yard might just do the trick. Skip the call to the professional landscaper, and instead just do it yourself. From Pond River Rock to Hosta’s you can find it all in Lawn & Outdoor.



Improve your outdoor cooking.

The grill is among the greatest of places to cook delicious food. Looking for a new one to make your next BBQ perfect?  Maybe you are ready to step up your cooking and are looking to add a smoker.  You can find many options to choose from at Voitek’s.



Try a new Hobby without breaking the bank.


With time on your hands why not try something new.  No need to join the gym and why wait for New Year’s to tackle your weight loss goals.  From bikes to weights, treadmills to exercise machines, find great bargains in Sports & Exercise. 



While some of these items may not apply to you, we expect there’s enough here to keep you a little busier than before. And hopefully our list has sparked some ideas of your own. No matter what you do, the important thing is that you’re keeping yourself and others a little bit healthier right now.