Not sure where to begin?  Worried about going over budget or finding a reliable contractor?  Mariotti Building Products can help you balance your wishlist with design, function, your daily lifestyle, and your budget. We get it, and we’ll make sure you get a finished kitchen that you’re proud of.

Here are some tips to help you get started.

  1. Create a Budget.  Knowing how much you can spend will help move the project along


  1. Analyze your needs. Is it more counter space you need or storage?  Start a list of must haves in your planning.


  1. What, if anything, is worth keeping?   Are your appliances fairly new?  Think of items you may be able to incorporate into your new designs as a way to save.


  1. Research | Research | Research.  Whether it’s online or in a magazine, gather styles and designs that you like and take them with you when planning.

This process should be fun if you do your homework in advance.