Spring is finally in the air (even though I’m still wearing my winter coat)! Now it is time for Spring cleaning! Don’t start to procrastinate. It’s still cold outside so that means you are trapped inside with nothing do to. There is no better time to start decluttering than right now because let’s be honest, the second it gets warm outside you will no longer be indoors.

Decluttering has so many benefits:

  1. Clears your mindset
  2. Less mess and fewer things to trip over
  3. Earn money!

My favorite point from the list is #3. Who doesn’t like making some money? There are so many hidden gems in your house that you may not know about because they are catching dust underneath your bed. Those dust filled items are actually worth cash! Sell those obviously unwanted items with Paper Shop!

Here is a list of items that you may find during your cleaning that are actually worth some cash!

Happy cleaning!